The Pictures

A mom and her daughter, never forgetting the Grandmother


“WOW, I did that ! ” Ellie recalls beating Cancer 3 times…

After battling Cancer it’s great to see that Wayne hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for life!



Randy McNeill putting cancer “on ice”.




Meet The Faulkners, such a fun couple. After they both battled Cancer, they are not afraid to laugh and have fun.



“I have no words for it really, the whole day was just amazing. People around, making me look like this!! Which is Great! I was on a high, I was vibrating with excitement! Cancer is always there in the back of your mind, but I totally forgot about it, that whole day!!” Jenny Mitson







“It was probably one of the coolest experiences of my Life, if not The Coolest. And it came out of one of the worst. On set it was the coolest thing ever, to be honest. I’ve always wanted to be on stage at Neptune, to be dressed up and having those pictures taken, was something else! ” Ryan Kaulback





” Once you have Cancer, it’s not something that you forget, but on the day of the shoot, I did FORGET! I enjoyed that day, as my mind was on something pretty different, and it was beautiful. It’s hard to describe, but you do FORGET, and god willing, it will keep going that way”. Cathy Ryan



“The whole experience just took me miles away from Cancer. I was in the moment, I never thought of anything . I just thought of me for a change, and I just thought of me having fun. It was so great to be pampered by your team. They are fantastic! I’m never going to forget this, it was so much fun. I’m so glad to have the pictures to remind my self of that Day, they’re so awesome.” Sheila Lynch Rhyno


“The whole day was amazing and exciting, you definitely have the project named correctly, by saying FORGET CANCER because you DO NOT think about Cancer the whole day, it’s the furthest thing from your mind. It’s a great feeling” Brian Huntley



“I am so humbled to have had such a wonderful opportunity to experience a “forget cancer” photo shoot. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and it is something that I will forever remember. The team was so supportive and patient with waiting until I was ready to do something meaningful to me. I was able to be myself on the set and we all had an enjoyable time.” Sarah Gray



” In October of 2016 I had an opportunity to be part of a photography session I would never forget. Ed Boulter and his team created an unforgettable experience for me. I had cancer and still do but for one day I was a special agent robbing a casino. I felt like a movie star, forgot my cancer and made to feel so extremely special. The results of the pictures were amazing too, more then I ever imagined. Thanks again Ed and your amazing team for that incredible day, I will be forever grateful. Thank you. ”                       Bonnie’s photoshoot was featured on CTV’s Live at 5, follow this link to watch the segment…




Trevor was indeed that strong on this day!





“As a cancer survivor myself I can say we are real people with families and loved ones and these special photoshoots bring our stories to life. Ed and his team were wonderful to work with. They provided a comfortable atmosphere for all and you really felt like the day was about you.” Marcus Jamieson


Bone Marrow cancer isn’t holding Eric back from being the coolest kid in school!






“As a friend and fellow Cancer survivor, Ed Boulter offered to take my pictures as a testiment of what I had been through. We took them while I was still doing chemo, bald as can be! He made my pictures beautiful, heartfelt and fun! It was easy and they turned out wonderful!! I wanted to be on the beach I spent so much of my time at centering myself and he went out of his way to accommodate this for me! I highly recommend him to help you be able to treasure your moments in, the good, bad and beautifully bald!!!” Michelle Wade



From the moment that Zoey was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour our world changed so much…. the family conversations of traveling , playing hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline, running around at the playground, sugar and spice and everything nice was replaced by talks about cancer, chemo, anti nausea vomiting, tumour growth, risks, life expectancy….. a world that was so bright suddenly was darkened by a big black cloud. Our little girl lost all her childhood that day. No longer was she thinking of soft fluffy animals, kittens and ponies, puppy dogs and butterflies. Her anxiety was heightened at the constant reminder that she was a prisoner of this ugly thing called cancer… and she was just shy of 7 years old… we felt so helpless and tried to find fun in anything we did….. but most times those moments were interrupted with needles and tests, loosing her long silky hair, doctors poking and probing, invading my little girls body during medical exams…. checking her private areas for pubic hair…because radiation and chemo affects the endocrine system…. the raw look at what She had to endure just to stay alive…, pic lines, feeding tubes etc, etc, etc… And then one day we were contacted by Ed Boulter. He asked me if I would like to give my daughter a chance to forget about Cancer……a day she could just pretend she was a Princess Warrior. We were so blessed to have a kind man by the name of Kevin Johnston offer his farm to us for the day. We met Ed, listened to his own story of being a cancer survivor and how he wanted to give back to those battling the same illness. He was an inspiration to us all. We also were so grateful to meet Ed’s fabulous makeup ( Asiia Johnson) and lighting crew ( Denise Ward), and the very talented costume designer ( Nicole Johnson)….they were so kind and patient. They dressed her up and did her ( very short) hair and make up. She looked absolutely beautiful. She was placed on top of a gorgeous horse (Cruze) all decked out with matching purple reigns….Ed and his crew went right to work capturing the absolute beauty of the Princess Warrior with her sword held high… ready to conquer the world……no longer was she the tiny frail body laying so pale in a hospital bed. She was strong. She was fierce. She was Brave. After the shoot our little girl was in absolute heaven. Her love for animals was shining through as she made her way around Kevin’s entire property, making sure not to miss a visit with any of the animals on the farm. Her dreams of owning a horse came more alive that day. You could see her eyes brighten up when she saw the barn kittens, bunnies, roosters, hens, and Kevin’s chocolate lab, Maggie. She was in her element…and just where she was meant to be. Surrounded by all the things she loves, smiling ear to ear, being a normal kid…. even if for just one day                                                                                                          Zoey’s photoshoot was featured on CTV’s Live at 5… follow this link to watch the segment..