The Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make people FORGET CANCER one photo shoot at a time. We make this possible by designing and personalizing a unique and elaborate photo shoot for our STAR. Our professional Photographer is a cancer survivor who brings compassion and experience with the C-word to help break the ice, and get things started with a sit down interview. Then the world class team of industry professionals design, scheme, invent, beg and borrow to create the most awesome rock star treatment for our STAR Cancer Survivor.   The photo shoot will be an event that will shake it’s fist at Cancer and will illicit smiles, hugs and tears of joy. It will create images that will be cherished for years. During the photo shoot our STAR will be having so much fun that they will actually FORGET CANCER….

Here Ed talk about it a bit more when he sat down with Bruce Frisko

These photo shoots are free of charge to anyone battling cancer, or anyone who has fought the battle!