My Team

I’m very lucky to be able to help fellow cancer survivors FORGET CANCER for a few hours during these photos shoots. But I can’t do this alone, as you can see by this picture, I have help, sometimes lots of help!  I have an awesome team, that consists of a few regulars and few people who help out when they can. This gorgeous image was taken by John Huang during the photoshoot for Breast Cancer Survivor Sara Grey.





Ed Boulter

Creative Director

Photographer – Creative Director:  I am a cancer survivor and a photographer, these two worlds have collided and now I am helping fellow survivors Forget Cancer with the help of this talented and amazing team of industry professionals. Contact me at 902-817-4059 or or follow this link.



Nicole Johnson

My second set of eyes!! Nicole brings years of experience as Clothing Designer and a Fashion Stylist, she sees lots of important details that always make a huge difference to the final images.


Denise Ward, Light Guru ( waiting for her head shot ) no pressure Denise….


Julia Everhair

Hair Stylist – Julia is a hairdresser based in Halifax, NS. She is VIDAL SASSOON and AVEDA trained and is fortunate to work with great hairdressers every day. From Atlantic Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, from Wearable Art to Hair competitions she is constantly inspired by people she meets and believes that learning never ends… connect with her here..


I’ve got a handful of  wonderful people who contribute when needed, and when they are available, John Huang, Albert Wojciechowski, Eric Stewart, Jeffery MacEachern, Martin Blais and Asiia Johnson have a been stellar when needed.

Claire Josey  provided an element of professionalism that was absolutely perfect for these shoots, I’m hopeful she comes back some day ( the door is always open, and I’m always in your corner Claire).


Huge thanks to you all, I couldn’t do this without you.